Roy and Hg talk frankly about their first meeting

Roy and HG both met at Olivier Newton John's place back when H.G. and Olivier were an item. This is what they had to say about this famous meeting:
HG: "We're at each other all the time. I'm forever burning his notes, he's forever hiding my briefcase. We're always blue-flaming, trying to get the advantage, trying to make the other look a geek, a goose, a dork. We first met years before the show started. It was at Olivia Newton-John's place. I dated Olivia and I realised she was two-timing me. Roy, of course, was the other man, though I didn't find out till later. There was enormous tension in our relationship, you know, once I realised that Olivia was walking on both sides of the street vis-a-vis the blokes in her life. I found this very hard to accept. But I've always enjoyed jealousy. A lot of people say it's a destructive emotion, but I like it."

Roy: "And there was hate. But I think hate's good, it's a terrific passion that isn't used enough and it's a terrific tool in sport and politics. Hate, greed and fear are the great elements that propel us as human beings. This country was built on them and we should acknowledge that and enjoy it. Learn to wallow in it. Wallow in hate, wallow in greed, wallow in fear. They are the three great bells that have rung out in the past and will keep ringing in the future, luring us on to... I'm buggered if I know but it's got to be good".

HG: "The great thing about us, of course, is you read the biographies of Olivia and there is no mention of Roy and HG."

Roy: "There you go, it's a classic rewriting of history."

HG: "Roy, of course, has done everything, he's played everything. Even though he's retired from the playing arena he could go back and have another couple of seasons. He brings creativity to the great principle of one in, all in; win the fight, win the match; go in hard early, lay a bit of nut on in the tackles and if that doesn't work, go the Christmas handshake, the squirrel grip, and that usually sorts them out." "At the same time, though, it must be remembered that Roy Slaven is an absolute joke. He needs to have a long hard look at himself because when the going gets tough, he's a bit of a pillow. He's got enormous good points, though. If you're doing a bit of renovating, he's always first in with the spirit level. If you want a tip in a horse race, he's more than happy to oblige. If you want a ticket to a fight, he's always got something in the hip pocket." "We try to make each other laugh, though we wouldn't admit that to an audience."

Roy: "Well, we wouldn't admit that to each other."

HG: "We wouldn't, either. We're there to tell you the truth."

Roy: "But if I can make HG smile, then that's an absolute triumph. If I can make him grin, if I can make him gag, I consider that an utter victory."