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Roy & HG you need to be calling the olympics we won't get a decent go from 7's team of dropkicks without you i cant watch

HG is obviously back with Chris Taylor on Kinderling radio. The show being 'We Was Robbed'. And Rampaging Roy Slaven was on last weeks show and will be o this weeks show (Tomorrow).


Roy and HG, we need u back calling the State of origin , the game is shouse without a decent commentary. Havent watched one since u left.
I also miss sunday arvos, working on the EH and listening to This Sporting Life. OZ misses u.

Hello to you guys R and HG and to whoever else is involved in managing this site. Just thought you might be interested in "Nude New Year 2016". As in previous ye3ars I, and others, will be getting nude at midnight to see in the new year. One day, with your help we will have a nude Mexican wave right around the globe!

Hi guys!!! I would like to say that your humour is unique or near to it and altogether wonderful! I would love if you guys have some recordings of your humour, audio or video. Can you please let me know of any such recordings? Thanks wonderful guys!!!

Is there any truth to the rumour that the boys will be hosting a weekly show about Australian and international basketball?

Hi all. I'm also on the hunt for The Life podcasts, and just to push my luck, the This Sporting Life podcasts. I followed Bungerx2's advice and found a bunch of The Life through the Wayback Machine, but there's a whole lot that aren't there. Question one, does anyone have a copy of the said series they'd consider sharing, selling, whatever, and question two, if not, does anyone know where else to look online to find them ? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys.

Roy & HG are resurrecting This Sporting Life to celebrate 40 years of triple j on Monday 19 January. Details here:

Festival of the Boot part 1 was fantastic! Been following you guys for years and really looking forward to the NRL call on Sunday. Keep up the good work!

Hi Guys,
Love your work. I am a Melbourne artist wanting to paint you both fot the 2014 Archibald portrait prize. You can see my work on:
I have prepared a sketch of an idea I have prepared from photos of you comparing the Sochi Games.Can you send me an email address so I can send it to you please. (
Jeffrey Kelson

Any insight as to why the MMM podcasts disappeared? Vexing. Sorry if answered elsewhere.

If you can't wait for the next Festival of the Boot and have ever wondered whether the drop-kick will reappear in AFL, check out my in-depth investigation of the strange goings on at the Centralian Galahs Football Club here:

,.,.can't thankyou guys enough.,., , i feel,
the Lithgow Panther would make an ideal
'LOCOWOG'(2022) mascot.

p.s., extra snow can be trucked in.

Maybe we should be thinking of some new events for the Lithgow bid. How about a combo event - we could have a luge halfpipe with a curling circle at the bottom. The competitors ride a large stone down the halfpipe with a few flips and twists. Then they wait in the circle to be knoked out by other compitors.

RE my previous post. Replace IS with RR for the respective Russian Revolution mp4's.

The Sochi Ice Stream and Russian Revolution can both be downloaded as mp4's. See this link .For Russian Revolution, replace IC with RR in the URL. Lastly, Roy and HG MUST return in 'the life' radio format, where they excel! Hopefully 'Route One-Two' ; ) for the upcoming *soccer * world cup haha!

Interesting show from Sochi..
Why do you have German SS Tiger tanks (WWII) on you desk? I'm sure it brings back memories from Kursk and other fond memories from that era.

G'day fellas
Just watching the ice dream from SOCHI, and I was wondering if I'm the last of the true believers. I still have my "If you've got the poles we've got the holes" Smiggins 2010 tee shirt, stubbie holder and beanie. Let's bring the winter Olympics down under. Keep up the good work. DASDEVANYA ! Keith.

You boys are so boring on your Sochi show.
Boring, old, unfunny.
Go away & retire.
No one in Melb likes you.
Nothing personal.